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Monthly Saver Scheme

A Debt Management Plan is designed to ease the pressures of debt and assist you in getting back on-track with your finances; giving you a stable place to build upon. Why not take one further step and save while doing this!

With your interests in mind and at no additional cost*, we have developed a monthly saver scheme. The scheme is simple. Rather than the monthly 15% fee pay 17%. The additional 2% we will save for you. At the end of your debt management plan not only will you have settled debts with your creditors but you will also have a reserve to spend on whatever you like. Also, funds permitting, if you find yourself struggling to pay fees, we can simply take the amount from your reserve.

There is no additional cost for the monthly saver scheme, the increase in the monthly sum is the amount being saved (2%) added to the 15% standard monthly charge.

Monthly saver example:

With a disposable income of £500 your monthly fee would be £75. With our monthly saver scheme you would pay £85; saving £10 a month. If your plan lasts four years you would save £470 without even noticing it.

Should your plan early, of course all funds to date will be returned to you.

NB: Due to the payment style in the first month this month is not included in the calculation.