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Money Management and Advice

If you're visiting our website the likelihood is that you may be in need of our help. Take the first step to take control of your financial life by calling us on 01923 262 666.

Now you've taken step one, let us focus on keeping you out of debt.

You've been there, done that but how do you avoid it happening again? We've put together a few hints and tips to help you manage your money helping to prevent you from going back into the red!


Budgeting is extremely important when managing money. Often it is not until you actually see what is going out and coming in that you realise what is left over for non-essential items.

By budgeting you will identify:

  • What you actually have to spend
  • Areas that you can realistically cut on spending
  • Any problem areas that need further consideration

Try out our Budget Calculator to help you take control today.

Grants and Schemes

There are usually grants and schemes made available by companies and the Government that could potentially save you money. A common example of this is free loft and cavity wall insulation installation which can help save money on utility costs.

  • The Energy Saving Trust
  • Student Grants
  • Crisis Loan (not a grant)

Other money saving ideas

There are other areas that you can consider too. There are always vouchers available online, offering you discounted prices when eating out. Before splurging on a costly meal why not check the offers available

Utility Switching

Something else to consider when reviewing your outgoings is; could I get this cheaper? If you think the answer is yes then why not visit a price comparison site to see if you can.